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20 Rep backsquats + halvgalen 8th January 2020

Today we continued after our christmas break, the 20 rep backsquat program. After eatin up on chocolate and turkey meals, its was time to get back on track with the strength program.

Everyones energy was on point today to reach there weight goals and completed there 20 reps, for some it was there first time in finding there 5 rep max backsquat and everyone had awesome technique and made every lift count.

To start off we did a fun warmup. Doing 3 rounds of walking lunges, bear crawl, light db shoulder to overhead (getting ready for our main workout) and ending with a db goblet squat

To also prepare us for the squats we had some good stretching to get everything ready for what we had to do in todays workouts

To end the day we did a very fun and hard workout called halvgalen. 2 4 min amraps, that consist of 30 wallballs, 30 situps, 15/10 cal echo bike and finally max (heavy) db shoulder to overhead

Everyone worked extra hard to finish there movements and reached as many reps as they can. The 4 min went fast and for people that wanted to challenge themselves, they used the ghd situp machine instead of regular situps. After one amrap was over we had 3 min rest before doing the last amrap.

Awesome job verftet athletes keep it up



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