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20 Rep Backsquats + 8 of cards 18 December 2019

We continued with our backsquat strength program, adding 2.5 – 5kg more to get that progress going and porforming 20 reps. Some people had started the program today and some found 75% of that 5 rm backsquat. The rest of the groups had built up and continued to get there heavy new 20 reps, Awesome job as always guys and girls

We had started the day with a kettle bell flow warmup, in the middle of that warmup was a newish movement that people found funny but also alittle challenge. Performing a figure of 8 around the legs and also switching was a sight to behold

Went through some good stretching to get those legs and hips read for those back squats.

Our workout for today was short, hard and sweet. Having a 8min amrap from a different movement than usual, 6 alternative db thrusters to 26 double unders. Even thou it was short list of movements, it was anything but fun and challenging. 8min does not seem that long but everyone had that determination to get as many reps as possible

Today also was Christmas for verftet, after our delivery came yesterday and that we have new equipment built and ready for fun workout in the future

Want to also ask everyone to please put stuff away properly, you dont keep your house a mess? If you dont then please keep the box tidy as well as your homes thank you

If you respect the box, the box respects you

Also getting a new paint cover for our storage room in the lifting room. Going to be finished this week and looking better than ever

Good job verftet athletes keep it going



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