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Frequently Asked Questions - General

Can everybody train at CrossFit Verftet?

Very simply said, yes. At Verftet, our youngest members are 8 years old, while our oldest members go well over 70. Fit or out of shape, man or woman, young or old, everybody, and every body, is welcome to train at us. We believe that for everybody it is important to move, disregarding age or state of fitness. Of course, an 14 year old teen needs a different workout than a 70 year old senior, but we will take care of that.

I have an injury, can I still do CrossFit?

Definately. All of our coaches are experienced professionals who have knowledge about the human body and injuries. They can always adjust the workout if there is something that you cannnot do. We believe that sitting on the couch is the worst medicin against a disfunctional body, so we encourage people to come train, even though they are injured. We will make sure that your training is 100% safe and aimed to make your situation better, not worse.

I don't want to do groupclasses, can I still train at Verftet?

Yes. Although we believe that CrossFit fits everybody and is a great addition to everybody's training, it is possible to train at Verftet without taking part in the group classes. Here you can think about personal training but we also offer a membership for only egentrening. Send us a mail with how you would like your training to look like, and we will make it happen!

Do I need to get in shape before I start training?

We hear this quite a lot, people thinking they have to be fit to start at doing CrossFit. For us, that's the same as learning how to drive a car before you take driving lessons. One of the main goals of going to Verftet is to get/stay into shape, so you can start in any shape possible. Every workout we do is adjustable to every level of fitness. So don't let your own believes of ''being out of shape'' stand in the way of starting your fitness journey at Verftet!

What is Bring-A-Friend and do I really have to bring a friend?

For people that want to try CrossFit or CrossFit Verftet, we have Bring-A-Friend classes at wednesdaynight and saturdays. Everybody that lives in or close to Haugesund can try Verftet for free on these days. The classes on these hours are in general a bit less technical and better accessible for people that have never done CrossFit before, or for regular members that would to do a bit simpler class with a low-level saturday-vibe! You don't actually have to bring a friend, you are just as welcome when you come alone!

Can I take as many try-out / Bring-A-Friend classes as I want?

Everybody from Haugesund or the Haugesund Area can try CrossFit Verftet for free. If you would like to come to more trial or Bring-A-Friend classes after your first try, we ask you to contribute with a drop-in fee of 150 Kr.

Can I do a Drop-in (a single class)?

Yes you can. A drop-in is 149 Kr and can be booked on this website. Simply go to home > CrossFit > Book Timer, click on an available hour that fits you and book it straight away!

Frequently Asked Questions - Members

Where do I book classes?

You can book your classes on the website (Home > CrossFit > Book Timer) or on the Mindbody App (available on Apple & Android). In order to book classes, you do need an active membership.

I have a membership but cannot book classes, what is wrong?

Most of the times we see that your creditcard has expired or the membership payment hasn't gone through. If your creditcard has expired, go to the link under to update your creditcard information. This has to be done on the website, updating your card info in the app doesn't work. If your payment hasn't gone through, please contact one of the the coaches to manually put the membership-payment through. You should be able to book classes straight away then. If this both is not the case and you still cannot book classes, please contact us so we can have a look for you!

Link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=229704&stype=-2&subTab=info

Where I see the workout of the day?

For now, we choose to not publish our workouts of the day. This for the reason that our members like to have the surprise of coming into the box and only then finding out what they are going to do. In case of injury or other reason that you would have to know what you are going to do that day, you can always talk to one of the coaches to know what the program is.

My creditcard expires soon, where do I change this?

If your creditcard has expired, or will expire soon, click on the button bellow to update your creditcard information. * This has to be done on the website, only updating your card info in the Mindbody app does not work.

When I try to book classes, it only says ''call''?

Most likely is your payment information outdated, for example because your creditcard has expired. Please double check your payment information by clicking on the button below and change if needed. If after this, you still cannot book classes, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you further!

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