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The classic push/pull – 8.oktober.2020

Hello sunshines! What an amazing day was it today! After a week with a lot of conditioning and fun but heavy Benchmarks was it time to bring some styrketrening in. Working on the classic push and pull movement to create a chest like Arnold and biceps like Mart 😜 Yesyes we’re talking about Bench Presses and Chin Ups.

Starting the training with finding a 8 rep max on the Bench Press followed by a buddy workout existed of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of Bench Press and Strict Chin Ups. Buddy 1 started with 10 reps on the Bench Press while buddy 2 was there to spot and support. When 10 reps were completed was it time for buddy 2 to do the same amount of reps. Thereafter did buddy 1 the 10 reps on the Chin Ups and followed buddy 2 immediately after. When 10 reps completed moved you on to 9 reps on the Bench again and worked you your way down on both exercises til 1. No time to take it easy since the timecap was a tight 20 minutes. PR’s were set and people walked out the gym with a big upperbody pump! Also made our handyman Ben the red squares♦️ on the floor today to keep the corana-distance, to make sure that everybody has enough space to move, to make it easier for us with coaching and to make our classes OCD-style perfect looking!😃

Wondering what we’ve for you tomorrow?!?! Come in, join the class and you’ll know! Godt natt og lykke til med gangsperr dåkker i mårrå! ❤️



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