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Strict lynne 1.July.2020

News! News! News!

As of next week guys we will be having a class at 8:00 every morning, so you guys can join in the mornings. But we will also be stopping the 18:00 classes in the evening to still make it even throughout the days. Hope this is ok for everyone

So moving on with todays workout we had a nice calm but very muscle pumping workout «strict lynne on the floor». complete 5 rounds with a 3min break in between rounds, all you had to do is a max floor press (bench press on the floor) and a max strict pull-ups. We had to focus on our techniques here and maintain a strong structure to get these reps that we wanted. Getting as many reps as we can until we could not do any more, once finished with the 5 rounds we totalled the reps up and that was our score

started the day off with some animal movements from wall to wall, having some fun along the way, getting the blood pumping and joints losen. Then making the shoulders ready for pull-ups, making sure everyone is ready for what standard there working with. Then working on the floor presses, getting everyone ready with that movement and making sure the weight was right for everyone to get the best performance they can have.

Then the clock started and off everyone went getting as many as they can in the rounds given, focusing on aiming to get no less than 7 reps on the both movements.

» I define anxiety as experiencing failure in advance» – Seth Godin



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