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Similar, but different 31 mai 2022

God kveld folkens!

For some people, this was the day after Murph. And what do you do on the day after Murph? That's right, you train.

We thought up this couplet of moves we don't do so often but have some carry over to other gymnastic skills. You wouldn't expect it, but with or without Murph, doing push-ups, supporting your body weight on your arms, and rowing a dumbbell quickly tire you out. Couple that with some calisthenics and it turns into pure Crossfit. The background story here is, that I did this workout somewhere in 2016 and still remembered it. If it leaves an impression like that, it's good to repeat.

Anyway, you guys put in some good effort, shown by the drops of sweat falling down from your noses. A special shoutout to Linda for completing the afterparty twice after the 18:00 class!

Check out all the colors on the whiteboard. Maybe the orange is a bit hard to read on the photo but luckily we have got a back-up for the people who logged their score on SugarWOD.

Have a nice sleep. Tomorrow we have a new addition to our coaching team. Say hi to Margrete on her first day!





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