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Shotgun 18 februar 2022

God kveld alle sammen!

Our team of 3 workout for today was like a road trip. The person driving the car is kinda important, but the one making the trip worthwhile is riding shotgun. He/she takes care of the music, reads the map or tells the sat nav where to go, hands out drinks and snacks. He/she that is riding shotgun, is making the road trip more fun. We wanted you to ride shotgun today, and make this is a bit more fun for your teammates.

A picture sometimes tells more than a thousand words. So I wrote a little caption to each one of these pearls.

  1. The lord of the echo bike enchants Cathrine.

  2. Lavrans is contemplating some big life choices.

  3. Lavrans hears this is the last interval on the ski-erg.

  4. Camilla receives a yellow card for diving.

  5. The golden-boys answer the question of how many beers they think they have earned tonight.

  6. Frantic texting this morning: so it's a team workout, what should we wear?

  7. Merete either prays to the NOCCO's or brings her body temperature down mid-workout.

After the workout, we went outside to do a little hill sprinting. Even if it has been a while, running really fast is one of the best ways to build explosive power. Great job there, we have some tracks on the hill now.

Good times are coming folkens!

Next week we will start the CrossFit Open on Friday the 25th. It will be the WOD of that day, and in the late afternoon/evening we'll also make it into a social event with the community. On Saturday the 26th you are all invited to join us at the Maritim Hotel for a Burger and maybe an adult beverage. We have rented out the cinema to watch a CrossFit documentary. And Fran, don't forget Fran. We will do Fran on Monday. Because if we train hard and fast, we get fitter fast and fast.

Have a nice weekend. Maybe we will see you tomorrow at Bring-A-Friend. Otherwise, we hope to see you again in class on Monday.




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