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Shoot your Shot – 19.august.2020

“How much do you care about getting better?”

A lovely 18 minute AMRAP 45 WallBalls, 30/24 Cal Row & 15 Deadlifts. How bad can it be? Well, quite bad actually!

The question raising here then is, how bad do you want it? As you guys will learn in your introduction 1-on-1 (if you had one.. If you haven´t: it´s fantastic, book it!), we perform CrossFit at relative high intensity. Relative here meaning that you should aways look for the high intensity in line with the mood you´re in. After a heavy day of work, high intensity means something different than when you´re freshly walking into the gym. Today, going for high intensity was not too hard. 45 wallballs is already a nice receipt for high intensity. Followed by a medium-long midworkout row or bike doesn´t get the heartrate down neccesairly, only to be topped of by 15 heavy deadlifts. After 5 minutes, the first shirts came of and after a full blown 18 minutes, a lot of you were lying or sitting on the floor, looking confused and saying absolutely nothing. This all supported by the most beautiful soundtrack in the world: 14 people breathing heavily. And? How bad did you want it? How much do you care about getting better? By wanting it really bad, we can push. By pushing, we get the intensity up. More intensity is more fitness. So how much do you want to be better, fitter, healthier? As Verftet, we´re motivating you guys to push, go hard, fight for your workout. Also because we are a little bit sadistic and like your suffering :), but mostly because we truly want you guys to get better, to get fitter. By doing that extra wallball, making that deadlift extra pretty and go banana´s a bi tmore on the bike, you are getting a little bit better than yesterday. Hence the yelling, hence the music, hence the energy and therefor the coach asking for more. I hope you guys enjoyed one of the last days of this beautiful weather we´ve had over the last week and are ready for an epic classic CrossFit workout. Good night, sleep well and lock and load for what´s coming tomorrow!

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