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Overreaction – 30.juli.2020

New news news, there´s a new episode of the VerftetPOD: The Art Of Scaling. We are professionalizing seriously: We are on Spotify and Apple Podcast too now! So from now on, if you subscribe, you´ll get an episode every 2 weeks on Torsdag, freshly on your Podcast-app.

We love to hear what you guys think, feedback is more than welcome! We are working on improvements every new episode, but we are open for your suggestions too!

Then the workout: After all the kondisstrening of yesterday where we used a lot of legs, it was time today to attack the upperbody. We started the day with a cool pressing complex of 2 push presses + 3 push jerks. A little different in the words, a little different in the performance but a huge different in how much weight you can put on the bar! If your technique is on point with the Jerk, you can lift a lot of weight but for the push press we´re looking for real strength in shoulders and midline. That´s why it´s so good to do some extra strength training next to the crossfit wods. And that´s why the people at the strongcourse are getting not only amazingly good in raw strength but will have an advantage in the wods too!

>>little remember for everyone who had a hard time with not over-arching the back in the overhead (catch) position and want/need to make their midline stronger… in the afterparty workouts we focus a lot of times on strengthening this part of the body. So before you take your cup of coffee have a look at the little whiteboard and add some extra accessory work to your training<< No afterparty but midline strength and an awesome body control + sexy gymnastics stuff??… Then join the Gymnastic kurs which starts in 4 weeks! Only 4 spots left!

Then part 2 of the workout today. And nasty heavy breathing, shoulder burner. After heavy presses in part A, the shoulders were already a bit tired what made the workout insane heavy. Trying to make big sets was the goal and find a pace on the box step/jump overs were you can hold on to. Everybody made it in the 15 min timecap. Well done guys! See you tomorrow to do your last workout before the weekend. 15-12-9 Push Press Single DB Box Step Over Directly followed by 15-12-9 Push Jerk Box Jump Over

Also, we´re now finally able to offer you Lacrosse-balls. For all your stiff shoulders, tight upperbacks or sore asses, the Lacrosse-Ball is a unmissable piece of stretching- and relaxing equipment. Now for sale for 99 NOK!



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