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Marston - 04.Januar.2021

Welcome to so many new things! A new year, a new website, same Verftet, same stupid burpees. Team Verftet wishes you a fantastic and fit 2021 and we hope we can play a small, or big, part in your year again! We got a year full of new, exciting things coming up, so there's even more the reason to be hyped up.


As you might notice, there's something new about where you are reading this too. Since the summer, Andreas and Mart have been working on a new website for Verftet. It was not meant to be online already but it is anyway for some reason. A lot of stuff will not be finished yet, we are aware of that, but your feedback is more than welcome! Let us know what you think and what we can improve- /


Then, today's workout. For a lot of you, the first chance of burning those christmas kilo's again, so what better to start than doing everything all at once: heavy breathing, gymnastics and a heavy barbell! Today's program involved a single heavy deadlift, 10 toes-to-bar and 15 bar facing burpees. 10 rounds. Per person..

A nice warm-up to get the body going was follow by quite some time to build up towards that heavy deadlift. Which was neccessairy, since the RX weight was nothing less than 183 kg for the men and 143 kg for the girls. Since it was only 1, it was do-able to go a bit heavier but still a big effort to get the weight of the floor.

After the deadlift, 1-2 sets of T2B (or toes-to-air) was followed, finishing with 15 quick burpees over the bar. There's no worse feeling than letting your buddy weight, so speeding up in the burpees was key. Jam them out, just drop and get up and yell something to your buddy to let him know that he can start again. What a way to start the year guys!

Corona: Since there was yet another update on the corona situation, we've adjusted a couple of things:

- No Teens/Kids classes for now - Seniors as usual

- BAF classes will be 50 minutes

- We've adjusted the program to be even better at maintaining proper distance and keep everybody as safe as possible.

We try our very best but can always be better. For questions or suggestions, please tell one of the coaches or send us a mail!



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