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Karandy - 16.august.2022

God kveld folkens!

Man what a day! Warm, humid, and an absolute cracker of a workout. Even the fridge was dripping in sweat.

Karen and Randy went on a date, nine months later... Boom: "Karandy".

Two benchmark workouts in one. 75 power snatches from Randy and 150 wall balls from Karen at your disposal, ready to be broken up in sets and reps however you like. The strength piece preceding it was building to a set of 2 heavy overhead squats.

Vegard managed to overhead squat 105 kilos for two reps. An impressive performance. Almost as remarkable as his 12-minute sit on the assault bike during the after-party. Legs did not move anymore. Kristian kept the bar close to his body today. So close, that he lost a few hairs and bits of skin on his shins.

The crew from Deloitte was back to start the first session after the summer holidays with coach Helene. Good to have you back!

Tomorrow we will be working out at the athletics track at Vangen. You can meet up there, or join the coach as he/she drives from Verftet at the start of the class. Keep in mind that this Saturday, we will also be celebrating our 7-year birthday party at Vangen. More info on our Facebook page and please let us know if you will attend the party!

Ha det på bade!




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