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Holleyman - Hero Workout - 29.Juli.2021

For todays workout we had a repeat to see if people decided to do it faster or at a better version than they did last time.

A little different of a workout for us today 30 rounds for time, with a timecap of 31min. the reps though are very short with 5,3,1. so to get us ready for today we had warmup the shoulders and the legs for us ready with various inchworm movements and squats. then getting to the movement prep, getting our athletes to understand that with the wallball while the ball is up in the air we want to drop the arms before catching the ball, because keeping those arms up will drop the blood and make the arms tired. For the handstand push up trying to get our athletes hand to be in the 10 and 2 oclock position and the head will be place down at the 12 position making a triangle shape with the hands and head. this doesnt put too much strain on the shoulders and gets you so use more of the triceps, getting a safer push up. Lastly the power clean making sure we use the legs, being pasient and getting under the bar quickly, to make a heavy power clean your only doing one so make the most of it. For some we went heavy and challenged our lifts and for others it was the challenge of getting in the technique.

After spec warmup and building weight, we was off. concept today for everyone was to make each round the same in performance and time, wallballs and hspu to be unbroken and having 2 breaths before getting that power clean and moving straight to the next round.

Awesome job today guys keep up the hard work



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