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Hang Power Clean & 14.4 - 1.Mars.2022

Good monday everyone we have had a busy weekend here at verftet. Starting with this workout, having a repeat workout from 2014 14.4, Was something we wanted to test you guys at if you had learned your lesson for last weeks chipper or not. But also hitting it up with some hang power cleans practice is always nice to have for you guys to test out also

Andrea had her first time training the seniors today and she had put them through some challenges of there own, with some biking sit ups and db bench press. Gonna be funny for me to ask them how there bodies are on wednesday, With also the dirt dive course starting up and the group started off with there first emom test awesome to see everyone getting started in there conditioning and mental training

Everyone had a blast on friday for the first open event of the year. Still feeling my back after friday hahaha, what a nice challenge to start of the open. Also had a big group of us around on sunday trying it out either again or for the first time, its always awesome to see that for sure

With also having the kick off event on saturday with burgers,drink and the 2018 documentary. Thank you for the people that joined in on the gathering hopefully we can do it agin real soon

Awesome work today guys thanks for the weekend and see you all tomorrow - Ben



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