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Fixated – 09.December.2020

So, what skill do you want to learn? Double unders? HSW? Or do you want to get better at doing push-ups? In today’s workout, it’s all there.. You ask, we serve!

Having a relative high-skill workout today, there’s was room for improvement for eveybody. Yes, there was a clock running and yes, it’s an ”AMRAP”, but the goal of today wasn’t to get literally as many rounds as possible. The goal of today was to walk out the door better in 1 of those 3 skills than when you came in. We had a lot of time for practice again today. Like 2 weeks ago, where we also practiced the handstands, you could build up your handstand walk in steps. This way, there was a possibility to practice for everybody. Step 1 and 2 were basically to just get used to have some pressure on the hands while moving around. Where step 3 was already focussing on kicking up to a handstand, a higher level. Another option was to do a wallwalk as high as you can, and maybe some shoulder-taps there. Whatever option you might have done, the goal was to get you a bit more comfortable in being upside down and maybe standing a bit on 1 hand. 15 minutes playtime can never be a good idea. Good music, new skills and a lot of fun!

After that, workout time. You could either use this time to get even better at the handstand walk, by doing meters or attemps, or you would go for the bearcrawl and put the focus on one of the other two skills. Either the double under or the push-up, it’s always good to practice on that. And however frustrating these doubles might be, we just keep on trying. We don’t give up, some day we’ll have those perfect double unders. Because after all, practice makes perfect, right?

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