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Finally Cardio 28th.Mai.2020

This week we have done a lot of cardio and a lot on our legs and today is no different, todays workout is called Finally Cardio. With having the best weather we have, what could be better than getting the bikes and rowers out and work on our cardio.

We started the warmup with 3 rounds of 30 secs of working on your machine to find out what pace would work for you, to maintain it throughout the entire workout

After that we got the team to relax a min or 2, Then it was time to go. Working for 30secs on a machine with a 30 sec rest in between, and repeating that 20 rounds. After those 20 rounds everyone had 4 mins of rest before hitting the same amount of work and rounds, but with a different machine.

During the brake whilst everyone was resting and getting ready to attack the workout for the second time, The pitstop coach team had that time to clean all the machines for everyone to use a clean rower/bike for there second round. Got to keep in the rules of these corona times

Everyones energy was awesome throughout the day, keeping that mentality clear and hitting the workout as best as possible. With smiles and head up high, finally ending the classes with a good stretch to get our bodies ready for the last day of the week

Awesome job as always guys keep it up



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