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Every body loves the kondissetrening- 29.juli.2020

Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination – Carls Von Karlswich

For the last few days we had some heavy work in our workout and today is no different. This time we wanted everyone to get there conditioning in, so as the titles says we all love to get condition training in. It is needed to get fitter and its not all about lifting and weights or getting up on the pull up bar

For this workout we wanted everyone to do 20 rounds on the bike/rower, to get as many calories as possible with working 30 secs and having a 30 secs break. To get the most of the best performance everyone can give, after the 20 rounds we would rotate to the next machine and complete 20 rounds for max calories, working 30 secs and having a 30 sec break

To start today off we got everyone around a machine and the team would tell everyone the best way to use that machine in the best form possible and how to achieve the best result. Then getting everyone a 2 min warm up on each machine whilst breathing only through the nose. we gived everyone a time to be ready.

Then 3…2….1… lets go, From rounds 1-5 was a steady pace in getting warm to the machine finding a nice steady pace. From rounds 6-15 we picked it up a little, it was time for everyone to start picking those calories up. Then from rounds 16-20 it was all out, last chance to get the highest calorie count so why not go all out and be happy with that sweat and hard work. Whilst having some good music on and some goofy times to keep everyone smiling throughout this workout

Been getting a-lot of deliveries in the last few days, andreas has went on vacation. But has not forgotten to keep everything in check and make sure the fun still comes. Getting some therapy balls for mart and sam to get everyone in good shape, of course this means everyone can use them to get some nasty muscle knots out and stiffness

Great job everyone

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