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"Death Race" 21.12.2021

God Kveld alle sammen!

It seems like everybody is finding their new rhythm for training. We had to seriously look at the logistics during some moments of today. All bikes were riding, squat racks taken and people warming up in the lifting room. As the name of today's workout says, it was a death race and some people rode that bike so quick that we couldn't even snap a decent photo of them. Egentraining then went to the new room which was like an orchestra playing. And then a little later, the teens came in as well.

Even when all the "instruments" are played together, we have plenty of space to keep everybody training safely in these times. Great job and very rewarding for a coach to see.

Some highlights of today:

  • Elizabeth hit a PR on her 8 rep back squat

  • Wenche hit a PR on her 1rm back squat (you don't get those every day!)

  • Thomas rode his echo bike so hard that it changed the style of his beard

  • Bart is almost going back to Holland (that is not a highlight), but he managed to pull off a big smile with his back squat score on the whiteboard.

The best news is, you have a new chance tomorrow to come in and do something awesome!

We have a nice team-two-workout coming up. Check the whiteboard talk out in the video below.

Have fun, keep moving and smiling!

Hope to see you tomorrow,




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