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Deadlift + Voicemail - 31. January. 2022

new week to start but not before start February, For this week to start everyone off if you didnt join in today. we had some deadlift with a rep scheme, the challenge we wanted to give to you guys is to kiss the floor and hold tension to get that much better at lifting and stronger of course

We cant let you guys have just lifting today, so we decided to give you something to get moving on having one min to get as many db snatches as possible whilst starting with pull ups and box jumps. it was time to move move move, also some planning was needed for some to get the best form eachother


We are slowly changing the place up for the better so if you see something that new or has moved to better and different places that is why haha

On sunday we held the castle games event 22.1 and it was an event we have not had in a while, so thank you all who had joined in or even decided to support us through that workout. We will be holding another event this sunday and the fun times will still be there, please join or come by and give your cheer will mean alot to everyone there

well guys another good awesome day at verftet, see you guys back for another day, another time to get better in life - Ben



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