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Crossfit Open 16.5 - 8.01.2021

Well Well Well

To end this week off and to get us in mind for the open that is happening this year in march, we want to take you back to 2016. Because the last workout for the 2016 crossfit open was this workout 16.5.

Time cap of 18min, to finish 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 of thrusters and bar facing burpees.For some this is there first time to experience this workout, for others it will be there chance to redeem themselves. Seeing if they can get a better time or a heavy barbell than last time.

To start the class of we had a 6min amrap, Doing various movements from wall to wall quality movements and non stop moving to get that body warm. Then hitting the barbell warm up to get the body even more ready for those thrusters, then getting some mobility in and teaching people on these movements and would be best to attack this workout

“ Slow and steady wins the race“ these words are the wisest words we can have in this workout. taking your time and control on the thrusters whilst keep giving the body plenty of oxygen will be the key in half of this workout. The other half was to go slow on the burpees, so slow that you didnt have stop and take a break

Once everyone had finished there spec warm up and giving them this game plan. 3....2....1 Lets Go!!

Everyone had hit this workout in the best form and effort, some hit timecap and some finished, in either way it is a victory for this workout. Because of you doing it, you have a tougher minset and game plan. When hitting workouts like this in the future

God helg everyone



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