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Chickadee - 08.Februar.2021

Starting the week off with a heavy barbells and some pull-ups today. In our programming, it's clearly visible that the Open is coming. The workouts become a bit more intense. Less 40 minute sweat sessions (don't worry guys, we still do them;)), more 10 minute lung-burners and high skill gymnastics, intense rowing/biking & weightlifting.

Todays workout started with a simple couplet of heavy power cleans and chest-to-bar pull-ups. With the workout going down in reps as we work our way through the workout, after a couple of minutes, half of the workout was already behind us without even realizing it. And this makes a workout like this especially tricky: It looks like a long workout where we need to pace, but halfway in you realize that it's not the case and you can start your sprint towards the end. Those last 4&2 cleans and 8/4 pull-ups are just a grip-rip-and-go kind of thing, making the heartrate spike up really quick and get some good exhaustion in. Heavy breathing, burning longs and pumping muscles were the result.

After the first part, we ended todays workout with a build-up towards a heavy single on the Power Clean. Finding a heavy powerclean after a workout is always fun. People tend to be a lot stronger than they think, purely because of all the endorfine and adrenaline pumping through your body. It's therefor not rare to see a lot of PR's on the board on a day like this. Extra challenge today was the fact that you were not allowed to drop the bar after your heavy clean. Controlling the bar down is one of the skills that comes in handy when cycling a barbell, so learning to do it with a heavy bar can only make you better in CrossFit in the long run. And of course, doing burpees for every barbell droped is also fun.



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