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´Bait and Switch´ 31. August 2021

The last day of august already, which means this year has only 4 months left. This is a friendly reminder that if there was anything you really wanted to get done this year, now is about the time to start making progress! If you were planning to work on your fitness today, in the words of Ice Cube: "today was a good day".

We are now in full swing with our autumn roster which means we see a lot of people in the afternoons and evenings. We love that we can cater to your needs and have the teens, WOD´s and two courses in the house. On top of that there is a Bring-A-Friend class from Monday to Thursday so the ideal situation to show some of your friends what we are all about.

Today was also the start of Ben´s course, named Dirt Dive. He told me he was thrilled with the effort people put in, and very proud that during the first work-out, each and everyone managed to make a plan, pick a pace, and stick to it for the full 28 minutes. And all smiles.

The WOD of today gave us a good opportunity to practice one of the hardest skills in CrossFit, the Muscle-Up. We really hammered on pulling both hands low to the sternum and close to the body, to make the transition into pushing as easy as possible. It´s work like this that brings you closer to your first muscle-up, which is kinda like the birth of your first child and your wedding, a life-event you will not forget.

There was a little power-snatching going on, and some box jumps where you always have to pay attention otherwise your shins will pay the price. Not a simple day, so to counterbalance that, tomorrow will be a bit more grunt work and less high-skilled. Constantly varied, functional movements, executed at a relatively high intensity!

As always, have a nice evening, recover and come back for more fun and a little bit more fitness soon!




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