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Level 2 - Become an expert

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This course, like the other steps is divided into four separate parts. You get a lot more than just one weekend! The online part: Half day of Online Course with the Olympic Lifting School Crew. You will get some homework prior to get ready for a great weekend coming up. - What is coaching and communication, why coaching? - Force velocity curve - The different phases and positions of the lift - Communication & Performance Technique - Weightlifting theory, Competition rules, Equipment, Personal equipment - Natural vs unnatural lifter - Performance factors Strong explosive, mobile, tough GUBBS, phases123FRA & Positions STFA - Training theory & Training principles - The quality method - Exercise theory, strength training theory Date: 11.01.2023 Time: 13.00 to 17.00 Then the on-site part: Let´s meet up at CrossFit Verftet, one of the biggest CrossFit boxes in Norway with a great facility to welcome you all. The Olympic Lifting School will be there to take you through two full days. These days will be packed focusing on getting you the highest value of your time invested! - Repetition of online, review of tasks - Theory, jerk & jerk exercises - Internship, quick analysis, RAMP - The Snatch - Repetition of Shock - The Clean & Jerk - Filming and analysis of own technique (strengths / weaknesses / challenges) To make your experience even better we all know the best questions comes under a good dinner. We invite all the participants to join the dinner, if they want to (dinner not included). Date for on-site: 20.01.2023 & 21.01.2023 Time: 09.00 to 16.00 Then some Homework: After the course you will again get some homework. A training program! - Lets see if you can work on what we just learned. Then Online & Exam: 3 weeks after this you will again meet up for a half day of an online course. This time to get certified, both with the video tapes you send to us. But also with your theoretical knowledge of the course. If you make step 3 will be a Certified Functional Weighliftsng Instructor. - The different phases and positions of the lift - Technique level - Submit videos of your own technique with analyse mapping (closed Facebook group) - Planning a 5-week training program (exercises, workouts, purpose, goals, method, instruction) - Repetition from part 1 & 2. Date for online & exam: 16.02.2023 Time: 13.00 to 17.00 Priser: Ordinær pris per steg: NOK 8999 Early Bird: NOK 7999 3-stegs Deal: NOK 6999 per steg Early bird gjelder frem til 10.12.2022

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