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This course, like all other is divided into four separate parts. It is a lot more then just a single weekend! Part 1: Half day of Online Course with the Olympic Lifting School Crew. You will get some homework to get ready for a great weekend coming up. The homework will be both theoretical and practical. This course is all about learning you something that sticks forever. Date for the Online Course: Part 2: Let´s meet up at CrossFit Verftet, one of the biggest CrossFit boxes in Norway with a great facility to welcome you all. The Olympic Lifting School will be there to take you through two full days, Saturday & Sunday from 09.00 to 16.00. These days will be packed with focusing on learning you how to be the best lifter you can be. To make your experience even better we all know the best questions comes under a good dinner. We invite all the people on the course to join a dinner out in Haugesund. Date for the Weekend: Part 4: After the course you will again get some homework. A training program! - Lets see if you can work on what we just learned. 3 weeks after this you will again meet up for a half day of a online course. This time to get certified, both with the video tapes you send to us. But also with your theoretical knowledge of the course. If you fail the test, it will be possible to do the exam again. Date for the Online Course & Exam: The overall goal for Step 1 Lifting Course: - Getting a deeper understanding of WHY we do the things we do - Making you able to lift the olympic lifts in the best way possible - Mainly focusing on the olympic lifts we will also go into other lifts like the squats, deadlifts etc. - We do not only focus on the lifting, our focus is that you get the most possible out of the hours you put in. * NOTE: If you are a coach with GREAT knowledge or the olympic lifts, contact us to go straight to Step 2 Lifting Instructor. This will only be possible some extra ordinary lifters.

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