CrossFit Open 2021

Welcome to the official page of the Verftet - CrossFit Open 2021. Here you will find the official CrossFit Verftet Leaderboard and the information you'll need to make your 2021 CrossFit Open a big succes, even from your own livingroom!


Because things are completely different this year compared to last year, we will post a video of the Open every week on friday, complete with instructions on how to do the workout, what movement standards apply and some tips and trics. Then, you'll have the whole weekend the time to do the workout for yourself and send us your score for the official Verftet-leaderboards.
To not end up with countless categories and leaderboards, we have made our own categories for our Verftet-leaderboards:
  • The General Leaderboard: Here you will find an overview of all the Verftet-athletes doing the 2021 Open. To make up the general leaderboard, we use the points earned on the specific leaderboards:
    • Male RX                    (all ages and versions of workouts)
    • Female RX                 (all ages and versions of workouts)
    • Male Scaled              (all ages and versions of workouts)
    • Female Scaled           (all ages and versions of workouts)
* To make it a bit simpler than is, we have decide to put 'equipment-free' athletes in the category where we see fit. For this reason, your category might change over the course of the 3 weeks.
The point system works as following:
If you have the best score for a specific workout in your categorie, you will get 1 point.
Do you finish second on that workout, you will get 2 points, and so on.
The less points you have, the better your score
Your total score will determine your ranking in your category & on the general leaderboard.
Do your own workout at home and submit your score to open@crossfitverftet.no before tuesday 02:00 AM, and we will update the leaderboard as soon as possible.

General Leaderboard

Leaderboard Male RX

Leaderboard Female RX

Leaderboard Male Scaled

Leaderboard Female Scaled

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