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Walton - 01.Mars.2021

Today we started the week with a nice conditioning-piece. Not too difficult movements, just moving for a proper 10-13 minutes.


5 rounds for time

1 Hillrun

20 Double Unders

20 Kettlebell swings, russian.

One of the big take-aways of this workout was the ability to practice the double unders. Often, when we do double unders in a workout, we have big numbers like 50 or even 100 repetitions each round. This making it almost impossible to reach if you are still in the practicing-phase of your double unders. Of course, we always have a bravo or charlie option that scales this down a little bit, but we wanted to take this opportunity today to really jam into the double unders.

The double under is quite the annoying skill to miss. Yes, true, it´s maybe not as sexy as a ring muscle up or handstand walk, but it is really useful to be able to do. Next to countless body-control and conditioning benefits of the double under, just for the fun of CrossFit it is a neccesairy thing to do.

Take for example the CrossFit Open, the worldwide CrossFit tournament that hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters do every year. Often, in the Open, there is a workout that sepperates the people that have been practicing their double unders from those that haven´t. They do this by designing a workout where most people are able to do RX on all the movements (alpha), unless the double unders. For example 10 rounds of thrusters and double unders. Then it would be a shame if you have done the whole open RX, but because you are not able to do double, you miss out on it.

Therefor we made you practice. In today´s workout, we encouraged everybody that has ever done 1 double under in their life, to do double unders. Just to practice. Either attempts or the full 20 reps. And we got a lot of frustrated but also happy faces, because as frustrating missing those doubles can be, the more satisfying it is when you finally nail them!

Have a great training-week guys and see you at the box!



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