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Triple Plan – 17.juli.2020

Today´s workout Triple Plan. As the names already says we had 3 movements and you had to make a plan, how to attack this workout, otherwise you wouldn´t survive the 20 minutes. 20 AMRAP Hill run, 3 Box Jumps, 3 Power Cleans Hill run, 6 Box Jumps, 6 Power Cleans Hill run, 9 Box Jumps, 9 Power Cleans *Every round you add 3 Box Jumps + 3 Power Cleans First we warmed up the calfs and hamstrings because they had a lot of work to do in all those jumping movements. After that we did some technique training for the power clean since there were a lot of cleans coming up and you can never do too much technique training! Then a quick prep warm up and 3,2,1 show time…! No much rain this week except of the days when we´re running then the weather spoils us with a really wet day! Lucky us..!🙈 🏃🏽 🌧 Actually nobody cared, they would have become wet anyway, if it is because of sweat or some nice cool breeze with a lot of rain from outside. After 20 minutes everybody died on the floor and could barely calculate their scores. That´s a sign of giving everything you had.

Mart and Andreas are at the cabin this weekend to work without getting disturbed, to build a new website for Verftet! But the whole family Askeland changed that plan and decided to join them in the evening and brought some food! Also did Otto have some time to do his homework exercises which he had after his movement assessment. With 2 coaches watching him was there no space to cheat!😜

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