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Teardrop - 14.Juni.2021

Welcome to a new week of training! Today was a nice 15 minute conditioning piece to get the sweat of the weekend out of the system: A lot, a lot, of double unders, 75 air squats and a nice distance row.

The general goal of today was to get 2-3 rounds and a bit in 15 minutes. In order to do so, the double unders were not supposed to take more than 2 minutes. The air squats though had a spicier focus point: Quality over Quantity.

Often we see that Air squat number 1 looks completely different than number 200, which is going a bit past the purpose of CrossFit. Yes, there is a clock running and yes, we want intensity, but that doesn't mean that we should take short cuts everywhere we can.

Today's goal then was to have perfect airsquats, also after 14 minutes of work. Not as easy, especially when you are tired, but really important. See it as a training for Murph, might it come by again this year;)

We trust that all the candy and unhealthy drinks is out of the system now, ready for yet another week. Party time!

Sofahems before training

From now on, you guys don't have to wait outside before the class anymore. Feel free to come in, but please don't all stand around the dumbbell-corner or in the kitchen waiting for a class. You can go up to the sofahems, talk to the coach and your fellow members and have some coffee before your session!

If in the sofahems, please still keep your distance and stick to the korona rules!

Coffee Cups

Speaking about Coffee, we are going back to our old tradition of coffeecups. We are wasting a lot more paper than we want to by using paper cups. That's why all our members have their own coffeecup, as seen on the wall upstairs. You buy your cup once and decorate it nicely with your name and whatever you like! Cups can be bought through the Ipad on the wall: Ask the coach on duty for more information or for your own cup!

Coaches Meeting

Every week on monday, it´s time for the coaches meeting. Today, we talked a lot about giving each other feedback and creating a culture in where we are looking for growth as a professional, instead of having a fixed mindset and rejecting feedback. Fun stuff!



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