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Team Tosh Sprints - 02.oktober.23

Running, Waiting, Running, Waiting. sounds boring... Well ask the ones who did this workout today: "surprisingly hard on the body and the breathing" - "can I die now?" - were some of the nicest quotes today :-D Read further down why it is important to run intervals now and then

Interval Running benefits:

  1. Improved cardiovascular fitness.

  2. Increased calorie burn and fat loss.

  3. Time efficiency for busy schedules.

  4. Enhanced endurance, speed, and agility.

  5. Muscle strength and tone.

  6. Variety to avoid fitness plateaus.

  7. Health benefits, such as improved insulin sensitivity and blood pressure.

  8. Mental toughness development.

So better not skip this workouts.The good thing to be in a Box is you don´t have to do it alone, and we have a very cool warm up before that. Animal Walks just always bring the folkens to smile :-D

Also watch some dudes trying Pole dancing, people cheering on others on the Rower and somehow paople are sitting while working out? Really strange things today...

Good to know:

  • From this week on the 1500 class is back on Thursdays, so feel free to sign up!

  • And next week Høstferie is starting so there will be less classes and there is NO Teens class on Monday.

Todays Whiteboard and Scores:

Legg beina høyt og nyt resten av kvelden!

- Oliver & Margrethe



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