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"Team series Event 4" 28-12-2021

Alright alright, I get it. Fitness isn't built (or lost) between Christmas and New Year but built (or lost) between New Year and Christmas. I also get that it is very well possible that you were a bit less disciplined over the holidays. Good on you, celebrate, life is more fun if you do! But everybody knows the way back to the old rhythm starts with a first step, and often that first step is getting back to training at Verftet. If you are telling yourself that you will do that after the 1st of January, this is your wake-up call. If it is important to you, you will not wait another week. So we will see you tomorrow.

If you were already in yesterday or today, your body might feel it a bit. Great job, that feeling is the result of the hard work you have put in. Today's WOD was a team two event with rowing and toes-to-bar. It is not every day that we do candlesticks, but you got a taste of them as well today. It is a beauty to control your position while working shoulders, core, and hip flexors. It also translates very well into toes-to-bars, or more specifically in controlling the speed at which you come down.

The more control you have there, the easier it gets to string reps together into sets. Those sets lead to more work being done in less time, leading to a higher intensity and more results from training!

Einar focussed all his efforts today on one thing. Training his "chestickels" in a designated space for that, decorated with all the dumbells he could dream of. If that doesn't give him a testosterone spike, I don't know what else will.

Tomorrow we have a nice barbell complex coming up. I'm not giving away all the movements in that complex yet. But know, that if you keep this a little lighter it is a great way to practice barbell lifts and work on your conditioning. If you manage to keep your movement consistent and add a little weight, this turns into some serious lifting. Good for everybody!

Sleep tight and we hope to see you tomorrow!




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