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Strongman Party - 31.mai.2023

God kveld bloggen!

For some this was just another wednesday (feels like tuesday), for some it was the day after ´Murph´. In true Crossfit-style, we moved some large loads over long distances, quickly.

Great to see everybody, young and a little older, hang on and push to find their daily limit (pun intended).

I hope you got to see and say hi to Oliver today. Trond sure did (see pictures) He will probably do a Burpee with each and every one of you if you kindly ask him, and get a little fitter the more people say hello.

Please consider our memorial WOD for Øyvind this Friday evening from 17:00 - 19:00. On Saturday morning you can join our BAF. And throughout the whole weekend, you can tune in to the livestream of all the action at the European Semifinal for the CrossFit Games on the youtube channel of CrossFit.

Today's board

Sleep tight, recover fully, come back stronger tomorrow!




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