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Squat Snatch EMOM – 17.august.2020

Aaaaaaaaaaaah Fantastic workout on the schedule today. You guys got to start your week with 30 minutes of either the most fun or the most frustrating movement. Nevertheless, an excellent day of training today:

30 Min EMOM Min 1-10 : 3 Squat Snatches Min 11-20 : 2 Squat Snatches Min 21-30: 1 Squat Snatches

Talking about a chance to get better! Learning how to snatch takes years and years of practice, and you should give yourself that time. What you should learn to do then? Have a look:

Take a look at how this man is moving and stay with me for a moment:

  1. The starting position: Build up proper tension before you pick up the bar. The hamstrings should be on fire, your shoulders are slightly in front of the bar/over the bar and your hips are just above your knees. This should NOT be a comfortable position: tension all over the place

  2. The snatch deadlift. This has two goals: accelerating the bar of the floor, to get some speed going for the bar to go up, but more importantly: to get the bar at the hip. Performing a perfect snatch deadlift after a solid starting position resulting in the bar hitting the hip at exactly that sweet spot (where you do not hit bone!)

  3. The contact & extension: At the hip, you make firm contact with the bar, jumping up with the whole bar-body-system and pulling the bar with the arms in order to keep the bar close. Here is where the explosion takes place, passionate explosion!

  4. The pull under. Rather than pulling the bar up (which goes quite difficult with a 175kg barbell), you are pulling yourself under the bar. The extension of step 3 create some weightlessness from the bar, which gives you time to pull yourself under the bar.

  5. The catch & recovery: You pull yourself under the bar, ‘catch’ it, take a second in the bottom to stabilize it and standing it up with an overhead squat. And then a happy face, really important!

When watching weightlifting for the first time, most of us think: Oooohh, that looks quite simple, what’s so hard about that? Doing it for the first time, we might realize that this is not quite true. And the more and more we do it, the more we see the work of art that is this movement and appreciate the movement. As Rome wasn’t build in one day, you’re bodyweight snatch is also not build in one day. Or a month. It might take some time. The best way to take care of this time is to buckle up, get ready for some really awesome training and enjoy the ride there. Because the harder the work, the greater the glory of the achievement. And for that achievement, for that light-bulb moment you will inevitably get in weightlifting if you stick to it long enough, that’s what we train and live for! Happy monday peeps and have a great week!



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