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Speed Dating – 16.june.2020

It´s good to be back! After a few months without any hanging, for a lot of you today was the first day back on the rack! The workout is Speed Dating: 5 x 3 min AMRAP: 2 rounds of strict Cindy Max rep deadlifts Cindy was strict, the deadlift weights were building up. A true strength workout, but then with a 160BPM heartbeat. Inbetween rounds, there was a 1 minute gap to ´rest´, also known as the shortest minute of your life. In this minute, you had to fill up your bar, get back to the rack and get ready for the next round. It´s so good to be back in. We really love the music booming and the sound of heavy barbells dropping. The energy is vibing, which is incredible. I think I can say on behalf of the whole TeamVerftet that we are supergratefull that all you guys have hold on so well during the Korona-period, kept supporting us while we repainted and fixed the box. You are all coming back in huge numbers now we´re opening again and there´s nothing but goosebumps going over our skin looking at all your sweaty body´s and happy faces after the workouts!

Also for the Teens it was the first workout back indoors. They had a nice couple of weeks in the park, but after all is Verftet their place to be. They had Katrine throw some Double Dumbbell deadlifts, pushups and push-presses at them. Hamstrings and shoulders were on fire today, as they should be in CrossFit. I guess it´s save to say, HomeSweetHome!

PS: The Strong Course is really filling up now! Only 5 spots left, so be quick to apply and secure your place! It´s starting up next week, tirsdag og torsdag kl 18:00 and last for ten weeks. For questions and to sign up, mail to

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