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Push Jerks & Landlord – 13.Oktober.2020

We have had a heavy week of workouts, being heavy on the lungs as well as heavy gymnastic skill practice. So for today workout to end the week we lifted. Having part 1 being a lifting emom 10min of 2 push jerks and followed by the workout landlord.

For the start of the day we split the class into teams of 2, person 1 bikes while person 2 did some movements to get the shoulders warmed up. Then we switched so everyone had the chance to have there turn, After that grabbing that barbell and getting that warmup done. Then moving to so stretching of the hamstrings and do our very effective banded 3 way shoulder stretch

After which every got into the movements of what we are doing for today. Then we hit it off with the emom lifting. For some it was to se how much they can lift, for others it was to work on that technique. The end goal of this lift workout, is to go a little heavier than the main workout to make sure it would be done in a safe form whilst being slightly lighter

Then we got the barbell ready, with the spec warmup done. The aim of this workout to pick a weight that you can complete 4-6 round after the 12min. This amrap had a familiar rep scheme. We got a bike for 300m cause we wanted too hahaha, But the barbell cycle is the same as the hero workout D.T. but with less reps. With focusing on the push jerks that will end up being heavy compared to the deadlift and hang power clean. We had all our athletes try to plan and attack this as if your doing D.T. Getting those power cleans and push jerks with out dropping the bar and what a sight to see it was. Everyone attack this workout with the best mindset and goal, it was awesome to see

We Have a shell of a once loved changing rooms and kitchen, but on its way to becoming the new rolling room and reception. Just have to wait a little longer

Great job as always everyone, god helg



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