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Power clean and jerk / jumpin jumpin – 30. Oktober. 2020

Friday is upon us again guys so for today and to end the week. we had got a power clean and jerk lift challenge, with a 15min timecap. Then after that we had the main workout “jumpin jumpin” a short fast pace workout with a 10min timecap.

Reps of 15 – 12 – 9 of burpee box jumps and power clean and jerks.To start the day of we all had some warmup stretches and movements with the box, since how our bodies are recovering from cindy yesterday. after that we got the barbell out and worked on our cleans and jerks, getting use to the movement and getting ready for our heavy single lifts

Then the clock was on and we got our lift on. For some today it was practicing to perfect the technique and for others it was time to see how strong they are. during the day we had got people achieving a new pr and for us that is always awesome to see

After which we de-loaded the barbells and spec warm up for our main workout. Getting everyone in and giving them a min set and a game plan. 10min is not a long time to finish this workout, so stopping is not really a option. Finding a pace for the burpees is needed for today, trying not to stop and control the heart rate. The challenge after that is to attack the clean and jerks. The goal we gived everyone to attack the clean and jerks, is how you would attack grace (30 clean and jerks for time). Doing singles on your clean and jerks is a better and faster cycle, than doing touch and go movement. because with your pulse going crazy you till eventually drop the barbell and later dont want to pick it back up again.

clock ticked 3…2…1 Lets GO. Everyone attacked this workout beautifully and made sure cindy did not stop us and didnt have the last laugh.

Amazing job today guys, have a fun and happy weekend. For some se you on bring a friend tomorrow



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