Marit Bjørgen - 8.mars.2021

Well to start of this blogg, by saying to are female athletes Happy Women's Day, hope you all enjoyed the day. So for todays workout, we had a nice sweaty mind challenging workout for everyone, 4 stations, 6 rounds and 30secs to get as many cal and reps as possible. the upside is you do get 30secs of rest whilst you are changing stations, the other side of this is you have to keep the same score throughout the rounds and that 30sec rest doesnt seem that long later on

So to start

the day off we played one of everyones fav songs in the box Happy by Pharrell Williams. the trick to this song, every time you hear happy you had to do a airsquat/burpee, so alot of us whilst doing it. just wanted the song to end hahaha

After which we got some stretching and mobility in so ours bodies was ready for today, then going

over the movements to let our athletes know what we are looking for in there movements. Then we hit up a practice round with light weights, so everyone had some idea of how to move. Then we changed it up to practicing our workout weights and pace

After that getting our athletes on there stations, telling to find there pace and hold that till the last full round. When its the last round might as well empty the tank, and get those reps in.

Every had attacked this workout with pride on them and should be proud of the effort they made today, good job guys killing the wokrouts as always

See you guys tomorrow for another fun workout


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