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Korona #46 OPENING PT/MOVEMENT assessment – 04.mai.2020

Hei alle sammen,

First we want to say thank you, thank you for everyone that still supports us via the membership. You guys are saving Verftet from going under, thank you! We are hoping sooo much for good news on Thursday so we can open up the gym for you guys and kick things back in a Verftet that looks super nice and is screaming for people to get back in our doors.

BUT before that we are NOW OPENING up the training with personal training outside! =)

Corona has hit a lot of us differently. We got in the country 1 day before the border closed and have been hanging on some help from Verftet and some savings. So we are super excited to get started. So we see this as a win/win to help you guys get off the couch and back into CrossFit. That´s why we´re going to start up with what Mart & Samantha know and do best: personal training!

Since we´re allowed doing training outside, and our gym outside has been getting a huge upgrade, this is perfect way to start up training again. Sam and Mart together have thousands of hours of experience in personal training and are now here to help you guys with everything you need!

What to work on in a PT:

  1. Get back in shape and ready for the classes again

  2. Build or master your gymnastic skills, like pull-ups or handstands

  3. Olympic Lifting (Snatch & Clean & Jerk)

  4. Strength Training (Squats, deadlifts, Bench Presses etc)

  5. Coming back on track after pregnancy

  6. Injury specific recovery and prevention training

One other new exciting thing Sam and Mart came to Verftet for is to perform Movement Assessments. We´re super excited that we now can kick of this service that we know will be super popular in the future.

Movement Assessment kicking OFF!

This service is for everybody who has been struggling with painful shoulders, pain in lower back, or who feels like something in their body is holding them back. We´re going to look for what´s not functioning and don´t stop until we find it and have a plan how to fix it, so you guys can get back to training 100%, if not 100%, really close. Ask Mart or Samantha for more information.

The costs of a personal training is 699 NOK per hour, the movement assessment is 1.099 NOK, no time limit.

Can´t wait to start or more info?

Want to ask us something?



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