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Joker - 24. January. 2022

Start of the week again so to start it all of we wanted to challenge your midlane (stomach and back) to it max, so you can get better and better. How to do that? well we started with a short burst workout of toes 2 bar and dealfits. easy right? well lets say it is but for today we wanted everyone to not slam and bounce that barbell around. Instead we wanted everyone to kiss that weight on the floor and get that much stronger

After that burst session we grouped up and started working with that fatigue midline with some back squats and even tested how many reps you can do at the end what more can we say you guys crushed it as usual. Showing others around you how heavy you can lift or even showing how long you can go with that weight flying up and down

Some news today

We are placing a checklist next to the ipad for you guys to please use on how you can pruchase anything we have to sell so we dont have the same problem that we have had in the past.

Course are about to start so if you are having questions, then please ask the course about the course to get an idea of what it is or if there is space before they start. The dirt dive course will be starting later on due to personal problems hope you all understand and want to give it a try

If you have not seen the invite on facebook, some of us are doing a qualifier for a competition here at verftet, for a competition held in england in may. The event is happening this sunday at 11 if you want to join in on the workout then please do, if you want to just join in and watch. the support will be really appreciated

Andrea has also spent this weekend going to oslo for her level 1 crossfit course, she has learned alot in those 2 days, Fingers cross for her results soon

Above all else hope you guys had a good time today and are ready for another workout to make you a better you enjoy the evening guys see you tomorrow - Ben



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