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Hook and Ladder – 23.june.2020

Our kids have been pumping some iron today. Getting their own version of the box´s 7on7 from yesterday, things were pretty steamy in the lifting-room. The boys were working there ass of with some lunges, push-ups, situps and bent over rows, as the score shows:

So easy on paper, so challenging in reality. Just 3 rounds of 30 burpees & 30 clean&jerk, how hard can it be? Well.. Pretty hard, as you showed us today. But we´re not coming into our gym to be comfortable, we´re coming here to work! As long as we have fun, we can handle every workout that´s being thrown at us. And throwing a barbell around, who doesn´t like that? Today´s workout was just a matter of finding a ´win´ for yourself. While there´s no winning or losing in our workouts, we always want to look for the ´win´for ourselves. Winning means we´re setting ourselves up for succes. We think of a goal for the workout at hand, a reachable goal, and we go for it. With everything we got, we want to nail our workout with respect to that specific goal. That´s the way to walk away happy, that´s your way of winning every workout there is. Winning todays workout could be to be consistent in your burpees and go for 30 unbroken, without stopping contemplating your decision to come into the gym every 5 reps. Winning could be to go 1 level up (bravo to alpha for exemple), not finish your workout and still walk away happy. Or winning could be to nail every Clean&Jerk, make them as pretty as you can. It´s not about finishing. It´s not about winning. It´s about finding the win in the workout for yourself, and try to win that! Finding a win may be harder if there´s burpees, running or anything else you might not like as much. But in that case, maybe even more important. We don´t program burpees to make you hate the workout. We do everything we do in the gym to make you better. What you make of that, is up to you. It´s very easy to get stuck in focussing on the things you don´t like, but making a small goal within the workout, will twist this around. Somedays, ´not dying´is enough, but somedays ´go unbroken on the burpees´can really make your day, even though you hate them. Today, we´ve seen a lot of happy faces leaving the gym. And that´s our win for today 🙂

Speaking about happy faces: Today the Strong Course finally started! Supercool to see all these people coming into our gym for the upcoming 10 weeks with 1 single, common goal: to get as strong as we can get in no-time. This week, we´ll be testing our strength right now, only to compare this to where we´ll be in 10 weeks. Squats & upperbody on tirsdag, Deadlifts & more upperbody (Because everybody needs bigger biceps) on torsdag. From there on, the only way is up. Nice note for everbody who´s missing out on this course: In september, there will be a new strength course. The spots are going fast (Already 6 sold), so if you want to join that, make sure to be fast and mail to !



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