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Harbor Master - 09.august.2022

God kveld folkens!

The good thing about Google is, that you can ask it any stupid question you can think of. Sometimes you end up with an answer as stupid as your question is, sometimes you learn something.

Google: What does a harbor master do?

"Harbor Masters oversee the planning and execution of port marine operations such as designating where vessels should lie within the harbor, vessel traffic management services, the provision of pilotage services, conservancy and any other marine-related operation".

So now I understand why I had to tell people in which direction to do ring rows, where to lie down safely to do ab-mat sit-ups, and where they could jump a rope.

Today's workout was busy, with a lot of moving parts, a lot of repetitions, and 5 full rounds in a 40:00 time cap. A nice little sweatfest, and maybe you will feel a little sore tomorrow too.

Question for you guys: does anybody else have a CrossFit Games Hangover?!

I feel like I have seen so much fitness on the live stream over the past week, that my body is a bit dehydrated and I have a mild headache.

Luckily, I got to work with one of our awesome members in an attempt to smash through some performance plateaus. It's still a big thrill to answer some questions, do a few quick physical tests and then find some limiting factors that are easy to work on and that will improve performance after a short time of working on them. For a little sneak-peak into what happened, check the pic.

Coincidentally (we programmed this a week ago), everybody will get to meet the pec-stick in tomorrow's tech and build. It will probably showcase a thing or two to you, that you might want to work some more on. Fun fun fun!

At the end of the day, we had a whiteboard full of names, busy classes, and some sweatdrops on the floor.

See you tomorrow!

Sweet dreams.


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