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Google 4 December 2019

Hello Verftet athletes

Today we had a Team 2 cardio workout called Google. It was a 5min emom (every minute on the minute) workout,which consists of 7 stations. From sled push, bikes, rows and ski erg. You and your partner used 5 min of your time for each machine to make as much calories as possible, for a total time of 35min workout.

The catch is each person during the 5 min had a 30sec working window, with a 30sec rest. So the pace was go go go

Having cardio intervals is the best way to find your tempo for each machine and to build that cardio thresh hold. Everyone gived it there all as usual, to try and get the best score possible. To make there mark on the board

Getting through the first few rounds was the warm up, the last few rounds thou are testers for you to push past your limits and feel the lungs burn

The best feeling to be in a team workout is that you get the extra push from your partner and also you pushing them, to there max and getting that progress in for the future fitness

also to say guys we have prices and home for Christmas contracts, for people that are coming home for the holidays and need a place to train

So bring your friends over so they can have fun and keep fit throughout the holidays and give everyone a high five

Good job today Athletes keep up the good work 💪💪

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