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Front Squats + All Ball - 8.November.2021

Mondays workout for everyone was a real sweaty one and also a nice pumper of a session. Having to start with 5 front squats every min, for 6 times will get those legs pumping and ready for what we had instore for you after.

What we had planned for you today was a pace finding workout letting you think about what weight would be affective for you to get through this 90 rep workout in certain time frame of beating this workout in the best way possible. everyone had attack this with everything they got and was awesome to see that drive and battle winning taking place.

News -

We have the juleball taking place on the 4th dec, with the time for everyone from morning and afternoon classes to get together and party the end of the year with a bang.

Also we have started allowing you to book for our 12 days of Christmas event on the 24th dec, so if you want your spot for this long, team, fun event then book up now while there spots to be taken

Awesome job guys for today a great fight to see today, enjoy your evening and see you all tomorrow - Ben



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