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Fontena på Youngstorget – 11.December.2020

Well today was a sweaty one for us all today. With some challenging concept today, We had everyone this challenge today. To complete 5 rounds of this workout with each movement being unbroken, after these 5 rounds was finished then you took a 4 min break and had to complete the 5 rounds again with the clock still running and having a timecap at 25min

To get people started we had some movement’s and stretches for 30 secs per movement then hitting that barbell warm up. After that some mobility to loosen up the body, Movement prep on letting people get use to what they have in-store for them

Then we hit the workout, Giving them the mindset that with the unbroken pull-ups, hang cleans and bar facing burpees. We want to be consistent with the flow, trying to not break up the reps or taking too long of breaks. Trying to just finish each round in 2min or less otherwise you wont finish under the timecap

Getting into that threshold and keeping it till the end. Everyone attacked this workout with the best of there abilities and i could not be any happier for they effort, awesome job guys

Enjoy the weekend guys



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