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Five Below – 27.mai.2020

The mindset for today: Try to think in a positive way! Instead of you think “this isn’t for me” think “I’m not good enough yet”. It’s not about if you can do it or not but how bad do you want it! How much effort do you want to put into it?! Are you going to sit on the couch and wait till magic happens or are you ready to put your shoulders to the wheel to make yourself better, stronger and healthier! Today´s workout was a sneaky sniper for both lower and upper body. ‘Five Below’ consisted of a 3x 5 min AMRAP with 5 min rest in between. We made everybody doing double unders today since there was no option for single unders. Every first 90 seconds of the 5 min. AMRAP you had to do 100 double unders or 90 seconds of double under practise! The best way to learn a new skill is practise, practise, practise! And it resulted in a lot new PR’s!!

The First AMRAP: After the double unders you had the remaining time to do as many rounds as possible of 6 lateral burpees over the dumbbells followed by 12 double dumbbell squats. Heavy for the legs and lungs but doable because it was ‘only’ 5 minutes. The Second AMRAP: You could see the fear in the eyes😵for the second AMRAP were the squats became 9 double dumbbell thrusters. (of many people not the most favorit exercise) Because of the double unders and burpees you could feel your arms too now. Again ‘just’ 5 minutes… a bit harder than the first AMRAP but almost the same score.👍🏽 The Third AMRAP: Some reliefs here and there just because there was only one AMRAP left with (‘yes!’) less repetitions! Unfortunately does less reps not mean easier, so instead of thrusters they had to do 6 double dumbbell clusters, which is a movement were you start with a clean and immediately go into a thruster. A lot of heavy breathing and pain faces but this changed very soon to smiles and air high fives when everyone heard the beep of the timer and could lay down on the floor for a couple of minutes.

Today was a good day, tomorrow is going to be a good day too!😃 Takk for i dag og snakkes i morra!✌🏼



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