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Explosive Cardio wednesday 27th november

Today we had a challenge and mind Wall of a workout today. The trick about this workout for people is that it wasnt a marathon or a sprint. But a workout to build our resistence to our muscle threshhold, so we can last longer in workouts before we try and call it quits. The workout was every 5 min you row and bike 15/10 CAL while run to each station and getting the shortest time as possible each round.

Some people thought it was a good idea to go all out on the first 1-2 rounds. Oh how wrong it was to do that. The pump everyone got during the workout was a challenge to Get over the other side of the box and Get the time They all want.

Starting the day with our favourite warmup and song (roxanne) using phrase from the song, while Running to Get the legs warm and ready for a explosive workout

Everyones energy and determination was the best and driving through to pain to Victory

Also me and Andreas spending the day getting ready to party for the bit party on saturday. Going to be a awesome time



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