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e harmony 29th.May.2020

Today to end the week we had a heavy, but very fun workout called e harmony. a workout for time of barbell movements. But with a twist, after every min everyone has to do 5 burpees and then continue with there list of movements

what better way to start the day with awesome sunny weather, than to do a warmup of barbell movements to get those muscle loose and ready to attack this workout and repeating this 3/4 times. After that we got everyone ready and knowing what movements we are doing in this workout, making sure the technique was there so no injuries can happen.

Then after everyone builded there weight up to the workout weight, it was 3…2…1 lets go!!! Everyone attacked this workout with the best possible mind set and technique, crushing the workout whilst adding those burpees up ever round.

Fantastic job today everyone, enjoy this sunny weather and enjoy having this long weekend in the sun. See you guys ready to start next week off strong



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