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"Down with the quickness" 14.12.2021

God Kveld alle sammen!

How beautifully simple can a workout be?! A couplet of a cardio machine and air squats with a descending rep scheme. That is proof once again, that a good training session doesn't have to be fancy. Stick to the basics and get a more than good session in! You all nailed it, picking the pace and variation to challenge yourself and your body to be a bit fitter tomorrow. Or the day after tomorrow..

Andreas had the teens play with the sled in the new room. If you haven't seen it yet, it has 18 meters of turf. Needless to say, the teens also learned that the basics can be intense enough, after three rounds of pushing the sled.

On to tomorrow then. We have emailed you today with our setup from tomorrow onwards. Obviously, we are adapting to whatever is being thrown at us. We are prepared for the unknown and unknowable. You can read all you need to know in that email. We will announce more details and any changes as we go.

One of those changes is that for this period we will announce tomorrow's workout on the blog. That will give you an opportunity to make up your mind if you want to come in and do that WOD when a coach is present, when no coach is present, or that you rather do 'egentrening'. Are you up for that?

As always, stay safe, have fun, blow off some steam, work out.

We will be waiting for you tomorrow and as always love to hear any feedback you have for us to make this even better. As a community, we can pull this off and get stronger in the process.

Good night, sleep tight!




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