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Dead Space – 05.February.2020

Today was an extremely hard but super fun workout. Dead space is a workout, where you have 5 min to finish 7 dead lifts, 20 jumping lunges, 7 dead lifts and final 20x10m shuttle runs as fast as possible. When you have finished you rest until 5 min is over and repeat the again 4 more times

Water the flowers, not the weeds

Imagine your vision being the water hose. And wherever your attention goes, you water. Whatever we water….. grows. There is truth behind this. Everyday, we are going to spend our water (our thoughts), on something. There is a finite amount. If we choose to spend it on the weeds, the negatives in life, those thoughts will grow into reality. But the opposite is also true. Check in with ourselves today. Are we watering the flowers, or the weeds?

To start the day off we had the athletes set in teams of 2. One person working on the row, whilst person 2 worked with the band performing squat down the hall and back marching, then switch with there partners. Completing 2 rounds, after that we had everyone grab a barbell and went through some barbell cycles to warm the body up ready for deadlift

Given the athletes 5 min to lift up to the weight they are doing the workout in and having them ready with the spec warmup. Almost ready to rock and roll, getting the athletes today and getting them to have a mindset talk before getting started. The idea of this workout is to finish the round as fast as possible and your worst round is your score, getting the athletes thinking on how to attack the workout. Picture a race car it doesn’t speed up on the turns, it slows down and picks up the speed on a straight path. That is what we had the athletes consider on there shuttle runs.

after a toilet break, water , pad and pens it was 3..2..1 go, everyones energy was great and focus on the task at hand, attacking each round to the best of there abilities. Thinking about the race car in the runs and perfect technique on there deadlifts, finishing there rounds as fast as possible and getting there breaks to be ready for the next roundFood challenge har oppstart på fredag og vi håper at du er klar for en forandring. Er du litt usikker på hvorfor du skal spise slik og ikke bare telle kalorier og ha muligheten til å spise sjokolade? Da kan kanskje Mat Fraser 4 x CrossFit Games vinner hjelpe deg. Gøy å se at han spiser det vi nå skal spise i challengen for maks utbytte av prestasjon. Gleder meg til en ny challenge og håper dere er motiverte!! 😀 Om du skal være med join gruppen “food challenge” på facebook. OBS: BARE for de som skal være med på challengen.

Also to add for today is top welcome 2 new awesome people to the verftet team Mart and Samantha. Coming from Amsterdam, to spend a new life and future in haugesund and with us at verftet. Cant wait to se what the future will bring to us as a small family

Stay awesome Verftet athletes



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