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Dead Partner - 21.May.2021

'A perfect friday-workout'

- Gro De-Martine, beloved member -

This quote stuck with me while writing this blog, because a perfect friday workout it was today. A perfect pumping session to start the weekend with big biceps, pumping shoulders and exploding triceps. Perfect to put your tanktop on and show off your muscles in the club tonight (or in the livingroom).

Today we did a buddy-workout where we had a total of 800 reps to divide by 2 people. Starting with a 160 bicep curls, followed by 160 tricep extensions. The 160 V-ups gave a little break on the arms in the middle, only to be followed by 160 strict presses and closing off with the same number of bent over rows.

This all in a nice mix of rowing and biking. Not much of a plan needed, just get a nice cruise going on the machine and make sure to go bonkers all out on the barbell movements. The pictures tell more than ever what kind of workout it was;) Sour faces, teeth grinding and pumping veins in the arms. We live for this stuff, don't we?

Tomorrow in BAF, the arms will get a bit more rest so even if you wake up with jellyarms tomorrowmorning, just come to the BAF and let's close the week in a fantastic way!

Bodybuilders & FatToFit

Here's some nice pumping pictures of the start of the bodybuilding course yesterday. Protein, creatine and pumping some iron, what more can we wish?

Also the fat-to-fit gang is still going strong:


Finally, we have filled our fridge again. Due to administrative issues, we were not able to supply nocco and other stuff for a while, but we are happy to announce that they are back. We have bought a wide variety of drinks, so enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

And we also got a brand new way of smoothening the proces for you guys:

As seen on the picture, next to the fridge we have placed an Ipad. On that Ipad, you can easily select what you've bought and just pay by VIPPS. Simple as that. Also coffeecups, T-shirts, Drop-Ins and everything else can be payed on the Ipad from now on!

Have a nice weekend folkens and see you next week!



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