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DB Paradise & ForrestJump 13-14. May. 2020

NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS..!! – Samantha har skrevet litt om vårt nye tilbud innenfor Nutrition Coaching. Vi har jo nå i en god periode kunne gi kostholdsveiledning, men nå har vi gjort endringer for å gjøre det mer profesjonelt og endret til et tilbud med større oppfølging og dermed holder vi de som kjøper gullpakken (kun gull er godt nok;) ansvarlige for de resultatene de ønsker. Dette sammensatt med vår nye inbody (skamdyr) kroppsanalyse maskin har vi troen på at tilbudet til å bli veldig populært. Det kommer også flere tilbud innenfor Nutrition som er veldig spennende. Men de må vi vente litt med enda før vi annonsere :).

Nutrition Golden Package!

Next to group classes, Personal Training and Movement Assessments we also offer Nutrition Coaching! We have set up a NEW and better way of doing nutrition coaching. We are super excited to start with it! So how does it work? – Start with an intake to write down your goals and get the coach/member connection. – Your coach will make a full 8 week nutrition plan witch is personalized for YOU. – You get 4 measurements on the in body machine and every week a meeting with your coach who helps you stay on track towards the best results! The first person already started today :). Do you want to feel more comfortable in your body and lose or gain weight start today. Now is a great time to get started before summer vacation hits us all :).

More information about the 8 weeks Golden Package?! Send an email to

Snow, rain, sun, hail….. Nothing can keep us away of doing CrossFit! – No body can change what the weather will be, so we don´t care. As long as we can do fitness we are happy :)).

#littlefact: Merete was wearing 5 layers of shirts, sweaters and jackets to keep her body warm

After a lot of leg workouts of the last days we brought back some upperbody exercises too today. We had a combination of HEAVY single arm DB Push Presses with a lot of burpees. Most medlemmers who joined went back home with spaghetti arms but liked it as always!

Mart & Andreas fucked the sign. Rema Spannavegen had made super nice signs and they “just” wanted to put in the gratis prøvetime #katastrof (hahah)



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