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Compound Interest 07.September 2021

Welcome to this lovely Tuesday. After being close with a Kettlebell for quite some time today, it's now time to unwind, recap the day, and look forward to what's coming in the rest of the week.

We did something completely different today, but kind of the same. Handling a single Kettlebell really is a challenge, not because of the total weight, but because of the placement on the body. It is off-axis, meaning it is not in the center of the body, which requires a lot of tension to keep the rest of your body in a favorable position to do a load of reps squatting. Some people refer to this as "Anaconda-strength", because just like an anaconda suffocates its prey, you need to squeeze the whole body. It's like being your own weightlifting belt, without having to buckle up.

Challenge brings change, and this challenge will leave you better prepared for the next time life throws a unilateral load at you. Like one heavy grocery bag, a rambling toddler on one arm, or that suitcase you carry into the airport for your next holiday.

The day started with a little change inside the box. Marie was laser-sharp in re-introducing the red dots. We still think it is important to space you out in our main room during the work-outs, but these dots give us a bit more freedom to do so than the squares did.

As Ben mentioned in the blog yesterday, we are planning to move the 7 am class to 730 am from next week. If you have an opinion or thoughts on this that we need to know of, drop us a comment or email and please let us know! In other happy news; Thomas (from Oslo) dropped in to work out with us today.

That's it for now. We hope to see you again this week for some more fun and fitness! Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.




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